Worker Tracking

Corporate clients across the world are increasingly recognizing the need to provide adequate protection for their lone workers.

Principal Security extensive range of Personal GPS Tracking Systems and Lone Worker Protection Systems are specifically aimed at helping to protect those workers who operate in dangerous territories and are particularly vulnerable to attack.

Principal Security offers a number of Commercial Grade Personal GPS Tracking Devices capable of providing 24 hours continuous use of real time GPS/GPRS tracking, SOS Alerts,Man Down, Data Capturing Capabilities and also Voice Communications.

Designed for high risk professional applications such as:

– Security Guards
– Law Enforcement Workers
– Social Workers
– Health Workers (District Nurses)
– Mail Delivery Workers
– Motor Bike Couriers
– Local Government Asset Surveyors
– Covert Sting Operations

Advanced features such as:

– Man Down Alerts
– Yellow Alerts (excessive stationery time at a hazardous location
– Movement Alerts (Device has moved from Stationery)
– Power Management Deep Sleep Modes if device is stationery
– Voice Wire Tapping in SOS Hijack Situations


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