Strata Security Services

Let us protect your investment. Principal Security can provide guards, tactically trained, with baton and handcuff qualifications.

This is an attribute that not many companies can provide. This enables one good guard to look after strata’s through the night and into the early hours of the morning.

Our statistics show most people apprehended by our guards have been caught between the hours of midnight and six am, attempting to break into resident’s vehicles and abodes and trespassing illegally.

Our theory is if we can provide a service that eliminates the undesirable element and save you money then it becomes a win/win situation.

To have two guards in a strata complex can be financially unfeasible. To have one good guard, with a strong personality that is tactically trained and technically proficient, is more productive for the client.

Principal Security has already eliminated the undesirable element for many strata’s within the Perth CBD.

We offer tailored packages to suit your needs and enable your residents to rest easy at night.

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